Stop marketing overwhelm in it's tracks

Cherry pick your way to greater visibility and more clients with marketing that feels good. 

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Let's kick those underdog feels to the curb together.

If you know you have something valuable to share but feel all kinds of lost and like marketing is something you REALLY didn't sign up for... you've landed in your safe space.

From the foundations through to growing your business, let me be your guide to find what to focus on, when, and how.

I promise I'll make it fun, doable and effective. So you no longer feel lost, like an underdog, or like you have to be a coercive selling machine to succeed. 

I'll show you how to market your business WITHOUT being a sleazy unethical selling machine, so you can grow your business AND feel good about it.

Yup - you don't have to choose one or the other. Thank dog!

From your website through to blogs, lead gen and email marketing, I'll guide you through it all together - one step at a time!

Then you can 🍒 cherry pick with confidence 🍒 the marketing methods that you want to use to your advantage... so you can help more dogs and their people live their happiest lives together. 

Hi, I’m Rikki!

Consider me your trusty navigator through the confusing and often overwhelming world of content creation and marketing.

It really doesn't need to be this hard. 🤔

With straight forward videos to walk you through the need-to-knows, plus simple exercises to help you put them into practice, you'll be creating content with purpose in no time.

Pinky promise. 🥳

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Support from a real HUMAN

Just call me your digital marketing wing woman, at your call to keep you on track and answer your questions. 


On your schedule (not mine)

Learn and access support on your schedule - so wherever you are and however busy - you get what you need. 

Dip in - Dip out

Watch and learn when you're feeling fired up, take a break when you're not. There's no pressure and no guilt here. 

Wanna go it alone?

Step write in and prepare to create content with purpose, that moves people to fall in love...(and part with their dosh to be part of your tribe.)


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