Underdogs Unleashed

From bamboozled by marketing >>> to confidently doing the do.



By the end of this course, you will…

  • Finally know what the heck you're doing
  • Be generating leads on repeat¬†
  • No longer be stressing about blasted reels and algorithms¬†

Doing things in the right order and understanding WHY you're doing them will make all the difference. 

Ready to get unstuck?

I know marketing isn't your bag

But you can learn how to get to grips with it so you can:

  • help dog owners who need you, find you fast
  • learn how to create content they're desperately searching for¬†
  • showcase your value on repeat so you become the no-brainer choice¬†
  • automate as much as you can and release yourself from the hamster wheel
  • help more dog owners make the right choices for their dogs

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

You might just fall in LOVE with marketing after this course... once we debunk all the slime and sleaze, you might even ENJOY it. 


What the Underdogs are saying.... 

Underdogs Unleashed Review

Sounds great... What's inside though?

Masterclasses 1-4

The Art of Attraction

Over 4 masterclasses, you're going to uncover how to attract your perfect fit clients. You'll unhook what drives their behaviour, so you can guide them to take action. We'll cover:

  • Mastering your messaging: So you can connect with the people who need you
  • The SEO basics: So people can actually find you on Google (and you know what they're searching for)¬†
  • What to put on each page of your website (and how to swerve the common mistakes that send people bouncing away)¬†
  • Which lead magnet is right for your business - and what to do with it once you've made it.¬†

You’ll finish this portion of the course, clear on exactly what methods to use to attract your dream clients. 

Masterclasses 5-8

The Secret To Engagement

With your foundations in place, we'll move onto what to do to nurture your audience through the stages of awareness. We'll cover:  

  • What email sequences you need working on autopilot (and how to structure them)¬†
  • How (and when) to use Facebook ads¬†to¬†drive action
  • How to use blogs & vlogs to get yourself off the content creation hamster wheel
  • Why social media is your go-to place¬†to test, refine and stay front of mind¬†

You’ll finish this segment of the course with a clear plan of action to automate what you can, and make sure everything else you do is worth your time.  

Masterclasses 9-12

Converting your efforts into £££ 

The final leg, is focused on moving your audience to take action.... this segment is designed to make sure you don't fall at the final hurdle. We'll cover:   

  • Repurposing your content far and wide, so you get big bang for your time bucks¬†
  • How to use emails to nudge people into action¬†
  • The essential sales page components to ensure you don't lose your hard earned leads
  • How to tie every element of this course together to build your own sales funnel from scratch¬†

You’ll finish this course, raring to get going with your marketing. Each lesson and accompanying task will have ignited your marketing mojo - ready to unleash your fire on the world.  

This Course Is For You If...

  • You are¬†ready to take action for yourself¬†
  • You're looking for a guide to demystify marketing¬†
  • You¬†want a simple, yet effective, action plan¬†
  • You¬†want to help more dogs and more humans to live a better life¬†
  • You¬†don't subscribe to methods that inflict pain, fear or stress on dogs¬†

In just 12 masterclasses, your marketing mojo will be awakened.


Go from bamboozled by marketing >>> to confidently doing the do

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I'm Rikki 

After running my own dog walking and daycare businesses, I moved into marketing and copywriting exclusively for dog brands and dog trainers in 2019. 

Since then, I've been booked out with bespoke projects and retainers... but I knew I wanted to do more to help the good dogs get found. 

If you do right by dogs but can't quite grow your business the way you want to - Underdogs Unleashed is for you.

It's designed especially for frazzled dog business owners who know they NEED to get their marketing mojo found and activated... so they can help more dogs. 

Will you let me be your guide so we can smash this marketing malarkey out the park?!

"It's such a great course to be part of. I am so loving it - and it is inspiring me to get back into blogging now that I can see how to make my blogs have an impact."

- Tracey

"Rikki, the time flew by and I was really interested. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a tendency to fall asleep during boring presentations.... Well done you! ūüí™"

- Rizia

"I'm so glad I took the plunge. I finally understand what I'm doing and how this all works together. I'm actually confident about marketing now!"

- Future YOU

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