Feel good marketing for positive dog bods. 

Honest, actionable, and down to earth marketing help you can trust.


The likelihood is, you didn’t get into working with dogs because you wanted to be a marketing buff. You’re driven by a motivation to help dogs and their humans, and all the marketing stuff just feels like an unsurmountable, confusing task that you’d really rather ignore. 

Only you can’t. 

Because without marketing, you’ll have no business. No dogs or humans to help, no money coming in, and no confidence that you can actually make this working for yourself lark work. 

It doesn’t have to be this hard.

What if you had someone in your corner who LOVES marketing who could simplify it and show you exactly what to do? 

What if you could go from wondering what the bleep to do and when —-> to having an actionable plan and two whizzy guides at your side cheering you on and helping you get shizz done. 

What if you had....

 Personalised guidance on where to focus for YOUR business

Ideas to spark excitement and purpose behind your content

 A bloody lovely community of people who’ll be your biggest cheerleaders

How it works

​​Underdogs Unite is no-sleaze marketing membership for ethical dog bods who want to learn how to market through connection - not coercion..... and feel good about it! 

Underdogs Unleashed is the self-paced course that covers ALL THE THEORY of how to market your business. (You get free access to it if you join Unite).

Underdogs Unite is where we come together to put it into action. 

It’s informal, relaxed - yet incredibly motivating.


What do you get?   

  • Weekly quick action tasks that keep you motivated and doing the do
  • 2 x Monthly live sessions for interactive help and motivation
  • 2 x Monthly co-working sessions so you actually get shizz done
  • Copy reviews - so you hone your writing skills & charge up your copy chops 
  • Coaching on your schedule; post anytime for personalised support that gets you unstuck. 
  • Social Media and Facebook ads support from expert Christi Atkinson
  • Your questions answered anytime in our private FB group - so you’re not waiting for the next zoom to get moving on your plans
  • Free access to Underdogs Unleashed, Your Blog Genie & the Unite video vault (for as long as you're a member)

What do other people think?

Join your tribe & start taking ACTION. 


What's it like in Unite?   

Underdogs Unite is a relaxed online membership that inspires action - wherever you’re at in your business journey.

It’s a friendly, laid back, and supportive space where there are no stupid questions. Whether you’re just starting out or growing to the next level - you’re not ahead or behind.

You’re among kind people who come together to encourage a better life for themselves and for dogs.

You don’t need to spend your time in a flurry of zoom calls and masterclasses - it’s taking time away from actually doing the do. 

Underdogs Unite will give you personalised guidance and a gentle kick up the bum, so you take regular action that moves your business forwards. 

Plus, it’ll help you 🍒 cherry pick 🍒 the right actions to take for YOUR business, so you can feel and see your actions snowballing into real life results. 

Is this what I’ve been searching for? 

Not sure if this is right for you? This might help you decide….. 

It's for you if....  


✅ You’re ready to put the work in - but need guidance on where to focus

✅ You want accountability and direction

✅ You want personalised help (without a mammoth coaching fee)

✅ You want someone to bounce ideas off

✅ You want a digital guide who’ll support you and encourage you into action

It's not for you if.... 

❌ You want formal learning that’s structured and cookie cutter

❌ You want instant monetary results

❌ You want tech or graphic design support (not my forte)

❌ You’re not interested in producing content

❌ You’re offended by mild swearing (just being upfront here!)


Ready to Unite with Your Fellow Underdogs?


The cost to join Underdogs Unite is a monthly membership of £60. You’re not tied in or tied up, so if you find it’s not for you or money gets tight, you can cancel anytime. 

Obviously, I hope you’ll feel that you’ve finally landed with your tribe and that the value you get from being an Underdog makes staying a no brainer. But I’ll let you be the judge of that!

Monthly Payment


Cancel anytime (but I hope you'll love it so much you choose to stay!)


Hi, I'm Rikki!  

I’m a wee bit of a marketing nerd and a big dog geek…

I used to run a dog walking and daycare business, so I’ve done the boots on the ground stuff - working with dogs and their humans. My experience of the dog world is one of the things that makes me different from other marketing bods who can help you. 

The other is I’m completely committed to marketing methods that foster relationship and connections… and feel good to do. I’m vehemently against coercing people to part with their money for elusive quick fixes. 

Instead, I'll coach you to cherry pick the marketing avenues that you'll enjoy and feel authentic, so you can ditch the icky feels and shove the mind gremlins keeping you invisible out the way. 

If you want to learn how to market your biz in a way that feels good AND gets results. I might just be the woman for you!

Hi, I'm Christi!  

I’m an experienced social media manager with ten years in social media marketing under my belt, and I'm ready and waiting to help you grow your business and watch it thrive. 

The advice, guidance and support I give you inside Unite is based on me actually doing the do, I don’t just talk about what you should be doing, I do it for clients day in, day out.

Wondering how to drive engagement in your groups or on your pages? How to increase your reach? 

How the devil to run ads or whether you even should? 

I'll guide you based on data, your business, and your goals - with a realistic and honest perspective that you can rely on and trust. 

My goal is to help you simplify socials with a human (and humane to yourself) approach - so you come to enjoy it AND revel in the results. 

See you inside Unite? 👀

Ready to take action & feel positive about marketing?


Got questions?

Underdogs Unite

Feel Good Marketing for Dog Pros

 A little less conversation.

A lot more action.