What if you don't want to fix it?

the curiosity quest Feb 01, 2024

It all kinda started after someone emailed me. 

She was a dog trainer who said she felt it was really difficult to market herself without making promises she didn't want to keep. 

She didn't want to say she'd *fix* the dog's behaviour. 

And she didn't want to manipulate or coerce people's dogs into doing things they didn't want to do.

I agree with almost all of that. But I don't agree that you need to do any of those things in order to show people that you can help them.

Because the biggest thing I think people who are struggling with their dog want is relief.

I talk about this a lot inside Underdogs Unleashed. We really don't need to hoodwink people or make unrealistic promises in order to sell our services to people.

So when I then watched Andrew Hale last weekend talking about how we can support others in moving to a more compassionate care based approach and he spoke about relief... I was overjoyed.

And inspired to do something.  Here's the start of...

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