Stop rushing ahead.

Slow down with me for a special series of curious conversations that'll uncover new perspectives and shift the way you do things in ways you never imagined possible. 

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You’re a coach. A people coach and a dog coach.

Also known as a dog trainer.

Come on a curious journey with me and some incredible experts as we have curious conversations that’ll unlock confidence, unblock ideas, and unleash you from feeling like an underdog.

Curiosity is a powerful tool. It’s what’ll help your human clients understand their dogs better.

It’ll slow them down and enable them to see their dog in a way they may never have before. And it lets dogs lead the way to show us all what it is they really need.

But owners/guardians aren’t the only ones who will benefit from staying curious a little longer.

You will too... And your quest for curiosity starts here.

What's the rush? 


Rushing ahead gets us nowhere. 

It’s time to slowly unlock and unblock, because you already rock. So, let's get you unstuck. 

This slightly unusual event is going to make you feel inspired to stop playing small, stop whispering quietly, and to make great strides in making your dreams a reality. 

But we’re not rushing to the finish line. 

Nope. You’re likely already overwhelmed with ALL the things you’re juggling. So this event is ongoing - with plenty of breathing space between sessions so you can process new ideas. 

Rushing ahead is one of the things that gets us stuck in the first place - so let’s slow down together and stay curious just a little bit longer. 

Meet your conversation companions

This line up might seem a curious collection of humans at first glance, and funny enough, that’s what we all have in common. 

Each of us is a curious soul and that curiosity leads to deliciously interesting conversations and perspectives that open up a world of possibility. 

For you, yes. But also for the people and dogs you want to help.

Sasha Louise-Smith

 Neurodiversity: Strengths & Strategies for embracing ADHD as a business owner.

Monday 6th May 2024 - 6pm GMT 

Sasha is a qualified Life Coach, and Small Business Mentor with over four years of hands-on experience helping people to bridge the gap between where they are now, and where they want to be in the future. 

This curious conversation will explore capacity vs capability, the true meaning of success, procrastination, motivation and oh so much more - all through a very compassionate lens.

This event is open to all. You are welcome if you have ADHD, suspect you have ADHD or want to increase your awareness of ADHD to better support your peers, friends and clients or are staying curious and want to increase your own self awareness. 

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 Wait... who are you? 👀

I’m a wee bit of a marketing nerd and a big dog geek… with two little dogs of my own. 

I'm on a mission to help positive dog bods like you to unleash themselves from all the underdog feels so that you can help more people, more dogs and build a working life you love. 

Yes, I'm a writer and a marketer - but you can let go of those icky feels because to me marketing is just communication - not an opportunity to coerce and control. 

You can already write and communicate - you do it all the time. 

There's just some little gremlins getting in the way of you doing it more publicly. And I'd like to help you kick those naughty gremlins in the nads... 

Because people deserve to hear the greatness you have to share.  

If you want to learn how to market your biz in a way that feels good AND gets results. I might just be the woman for you!

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